A.d.o.m.u.® Clothing, Inc. in New York

A.D.O.M.U.® Clothing is an upscale luxurious streetwear brand, founded by H.A.V.V.A.® Records, Inc.  Owner/President/CEO JHONNELLE®. The brand's name A.D.O.M.U.® is a derived sumerian word ADAMU which means "first man", the H.A.V.V.A.® RECORDS, INC. design/logo/symbol which is used on the A.D.O.M.U.® Clothing also consist of two stylized letter "E"'s that are mirror images of each other with an ankh symbol in between.

A.D.O.M.U.® Clothing

​       A.D.O.M.U.® Clothing